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360 / VR

We can move all

Our state of the art drones are big enough and powerful enough to carry any professional 360 or VR camera. With vibration isolation and gamble stabilization, the image we capture will always look its best.
360 | VR


Our drone crew can fly any 360 camera your production needs. With extended flight times live video feed to the ground you will always know what the 360 camera is capturing. Our in-house Insta360 Pro 8K VR camera there is no view we cannot capture.

View the World as it is

Our drones can carry a wide range of 360 and VR cameras. Everything from the Insta360 Pro, Nokia OZO, GoPro Omni, Odyssey, Jaunt one and everything between.

Drone 360/ VR

360 Drone Production

Our in-house 8K VR camera package includes the 360 camera and 3 axis stabilizer for smooth footage. With a flight time of around 15 minutes getting the shot is the easy part. 

360/ VR Shooting

Endless VR Camera Movement

With our FreeFly Tero, we are able to offer dynamic VR camera work. The Tero lets us move the 360 camera while the operators are hidden from the sight of the camera. Moving in and out of rooms and across open areas, this little yet powerful car can make all the difference in VR shooting.