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FAA Approved Drone Crew

First of all, we are FAA Part 107 and FAA 333 exempt and insured Drone Crew. As a result, Our dynamically training pilots are certified with years of flying experience. What does FAA mean for drones? This means Atmosphere Cinema is authorized to fly drones for cinematic and in addition, data collection purposes all over the country. We are 100% authorized by the US government to operate our drones for commercial purposes. For more information about drone, laws check out the FAA website.

Our New Orleans Drone Crew

Atmosphere Cinema drone crews are made up of full-size helicopter pilots, directors, cinematographers, editors, motion graphic artist and finally lighting specialists. Our crew has years of onset experience mastering the gamut of technical skills and knowledge Therefore with this knowledge, we saw a new tool emerge for the cinema space that would open up new opportunities for creative storytelling and raise production value. Since then our team has mastered the art of cinematic camera movement. From feature films, live production, broadcast, and events, in conclusion, there is nothing our drone crew has not done. There is nothing in New Orleans Louisiana that we cannot handle.

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About Atmosphere Cinema’s New Orleans Louisiana Drone Crew

Atmosphere Cinema’s New Orleans Drone Crew has worked with a number of high profile projects for clients like Netflix, Amazon also National Geographic and Red Bull just to name a few of our recent work. First of all New Orleans is an amazing setting for film and TV production. With pilots and drones, available Atmosphere Cinema in New Orleans is ready to fly any project. Atmosphere Cinema, as the drone industry leader for drone cinematography and professional drone services and drone crews for New Orleans Louisiana. Furthermore, Atmosphere Cinema is born from creativity or storytelling that allows us to take one any drone services that your project may need. Atmosphere Cinema uses only the most cutting-edge drone tech that is infused with years of experience in the film industry and dedicated professional FAA drone pilots, camera ops, and crew members to ensure that every drone cinematography project is consequently only the best. From TV shows, extreme sports,  also feature films, and commercial production Atmosphere Cinema used years of expertise and cutting-edge drone technology to ensure your project is completed on time and as planned.

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Why Filming in Louisiana is Great with our New Orleans Drone Crew

  • First of all, Louisiana has a beneficial statewide Tax-Credit for film and TV production.
  • Atmosphere Cinema is a Louisiana based as a result would allow productions to receive the Louisiana tax credit if they use our drone Crew.
  • All Atmosphere Cinema drone crews are FAA approved to fly in all locations, including the most major airport areas.

Our New Orleans Drone Crews fly Red & Arri

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